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Once the Customer enrolls with Rexel India Pvt Ltd, we shall ask the Customer for a few details about them. Once these details are provided, we shall give the Login Credentials to the customer. Only when Rexel gives the credentials to the customer, he will be able to login to the portal.

If you do not remember your password, you can just simply type in your Username and click on “Forgot Password”.

Provide your Email ID in the Forgot Password dialogue box and click Reset Password.

You shall receive a Password Reset link on your given email ID. Click on the link and it is redirected to a web page. Type in your new password and confirm it by retyping it. Hence you will successfully be able to reset your password.

The SAP code number of each customer for a respective product is known as the UMC. The SAP code of each product will be mapped with manufacturers’ no.

To begin with, you will first have to Login into the portal. On logging in, you will be directed to the Home page, where there is a “Search” option. Also you can search it from the Categories that are shown on the left hand of the page.

You can simply type in the UMC number of the product and search.

Once you login into the portal, you can either search for the items using UMC code or product name from the Search option on Home page. When you get the required product, you can click on View Details. You are directed to the Product Detail Page where you are able to know the Lead time & the availability of stock of your required product.

When there is a list of items to be procured, you do not need to search for each product and individually add it to the cart. Instead to avoid this hustle, we have the option of Bulk Upload.

In the My Orders page, there is an option of Bulk Upload. There is a standard format for uploading the products. You need to download the csv format from Download Order Format. Fill in the required columns and save the sheet in .csv format. Now Choose the file from your saved sheets and Upload CSV.

On completing this, your items are added to your cart and you are redirected to the cart page. If any items from your csv are not uploaded, the count of the same is shown through a message.

If you already have the Customer UMC number, you can simply search for the same in the Search tab on Home page. You will directly be landed to the Product Detail Page if your UMC number is correct and if product is uploaded on the portal.

Once your order is completed, we will be updating your about the status of your order in the My Orders page. You can view the status of your order there.

Once you have successfully created the cart, you have completed the web order. In order to complete this transaction, you will need to upload a formal PO from your end. This is done in the My Orders page. Upload the PO from Upload Purchase Order tab. Only when the forma PO is uploaded, your order is confirmed and shall be processed further. Unless it would be an incomplete transaction.

You can click on the Contact Us button on the right hand top of the page. You can either search for the warehouses near you or fill up the Get In Touch form and submit it. Our team shall revert back to you.